Styliving showcases an eclectic range of decor, gifting and furnishing sources from finest domestic as well international brands. The vision is to bring global craftsmanship to India as well as celebrate our domestic artisans, expanding the versitality of the brand.

The Vision

Styliving was established in 2020 with an aim to introduce a refreshing new market of luxury home decor and gifting. Started by two women, Aarti and Neha came from absolutely different backgrounds but shared mutual love for accessorising homes through the beauty of intricate decor accents. Thus, they set-up Styliving, bringing a range of home decor and furnitioning source that completes a home.
In 2022, in somewhat a post pandemic world, Aarti and Neha wanted to make the process of accessoring homes more convenient for their consumers. Thus, stepping beyond just selling products, they came up with the concept of spatial styling.

The Concept
In view of the upcoming concept of Spacial Styling, Styliving offers exclusive services in partnership with some of the best experts in the business that will help style and bring life into your space.
The concept is now largely promoted by Architects and Interior designers because all their hard work comes to life when every corner is beautifully styled.

As Spatial Stylists we take it upon ourselves to do extensive research on every project by understanding the space, the client, and his/her requirements and preferences.
Our wide array of products covers all departments of your abode that need to be styled. We provide you with the service based on your budget and come along with a team that stages your space for you to visualize easy what looks good and where and we give you time and space to make your final selections.

"While I was in the process of making my house as a home-maker, I always struggled in finding the right decor accents for my house as it looked right to me at a store but didn't fit with my house's aesthetics, thus I wanted to incorporate my products at Styliving with the concept of Spatial Designing and step in to make the process of accessorizing homes more convenient for my consumers" shares Aarti Gupta, Co-Founder, Styliving.

When do we come in play?
We work hand in hand with Interior Designers and Architects but the best time to bring us on board would be 1 month prior to completion so that everything is ready and set on moving-in day for you. The second best option is when all your Interior needs have been met and the project is complete with all furniture in place, we can come in and style your home hassle-free.

What all products do we provide
Styliving is an umbrella to multiple products such as decor accents, vases, and planters. Lighting, rugs. Bathroom accessories, dinnerware, serve ware, glassware, tableware, soft furnishings, bedroom furnishing, art, sculptures, and much more.
What's on your mind is on our list.

The Process
Spacial Styling is a simple 3-step process.
Once the client has shared his/her requirement, we begin the process.

Step 1 :
Survey and Mood Board
Site Visit - 1
This included site visits, drawing analyses (if any), area mapping, and an understanding of your requirements and taste and preference.

Site Visit - 2
This visit helps us understand the progress in terms of interior design, color schemes, and finalization on our end of the products required. We then create a mood board and share images to understand what the client is liking and what according to our team of experts can be placed where.
All measurements and requirements are understood in these visits

Must note: Sometimes our experts may club both visits into one for the convenience of the client. And if in case the interiors are complete then 1 visit is enough.

Step 2:
Presentation and Selections Once the mapping is complete, we move on to sharing our ideas with you and also sharing a tentative price list which helps us understand the extent of products to carry.

Step 3: Staging
Once your space is complete and is free of labor (which is of utmost importance, because all our items are fragile and with the movement of furniture and labor movement chances of damage are very high) our team of experts come to stage your home for you.
According to everything that was decided in Stage 2 we set up your house.

Terms and Conditions
1. A budget and minimum spend is pre decided on call based on size of project and customer requirement

2. Minimum billing of 2 Lakhs is required for this service .

3. To begin our planning an advance of 25% is required as it includes visiting charges. Planning, freight and breakage.
No negotiations on the advance are possible, it is mandatory to initiate the deal.

4. Once staging is complete, 24-48 hrs are given to a clienr to decide on products they do not require or like, the said products will be then removed from site.
After 48 hrs everything in site will be billed to the client.

5. All displayed images will be shared with client on completion of the staging orocess, any breakage of any product in the 48 hr period will be billed to the client.

6. You are requested to complete payment within 24hrs of recieving the final invoice.

7. Our staff is our pride, please co operate with them as they help complete the project.

Make your selection and book your orders now with us on whatsapp - we need 60 days to manufacture and tailors all products and gifting boxes as per your needs.. We can customise your company logos and individual name plates for your guests on each gift.